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About Bret

Bret was born in Atlanta, GA November 12, 1969 to Jack and Betty Williams. As a child he was outgoing, eager to learn anything new and always asking the question “why”? Tennis was his primary sports activity during Junior High.   This interest waned during his high school years as music (in various forms of rock ‘n roll that his parents were not familiar with) captured much of his non-academic time.   This interest came with complementary long hair and a decided bent toward black oriented clothing.   Finally this stage passed, and for the next five years he attended the University of Georgia, majoring in Radio/TV/Film production. Video editing became a specific interest and after graduation he took his first steps into the professional world by filming and editing sports videos for the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. From there he expanded and enhanced his skills and launched a career as a freelance multimedia designer.   It was in this capacity that he met and worked with Teri Lamprey on various jobs.   With much trepidation and nervousness he finally asked her out…. after being turned down a couple of times, she finally agreed and the rest is history.   Bret has now also developed a keen interest in the renovation of older homes, which complements nicely time wise with his freelance activities.   Recently he purchased and renovated, with help from Teri, a small brick ranch home in downtown Atlanta.   His two dogs Sprocket and Max provided on-going supervision and security.   His new skills should be a plus as Teri and he enhance their new home.

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